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9 days Egypt & Nile River Cruise for Solo Travelers

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Your tour package includes

  • 4 nights in a private room at handpicked hotels
  • 3 nights in a private room aboard a Nile River cruise ship
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches
  • 6 dinners with beer or wine
  • 6 sightseeing tours
  • Egyptologist, who’s also your Tour Director
  • Private deluxe motor coach
  • 2 on-tour flights
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Included highlights

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Great Sphinx
  • Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Temple of Philae
  • Temple of Kom Ombo
  • Temple of Khnum
  • Temples of Karnak and Luxor
  • Tomb of Tutankhamun
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9 days |  12 days with Alexandria & Cairo extension

Group size 15–20 travelers

Marvel at pyramids, temples, and tombs—and sail along the Nile—with fellow solo travelers.

The perfect day in Egypt involves forkfuls of falafel, a sensorial stroll through a busy souk, and a whole lot of ancient history. With fellow solo travelers by your side, you’ll decipher hieroglyphics carved into towering temples, stand in the shadows of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and take to the Nile by boat—because no trip to Egypt is complete until you discover the wonders of the world’s longest, and most storied, river. Extend your trip to Alexandria, where ancient wisdom flows along the Mediterranean coast.

Day-by-day itinerary

Overnight Flight1 night

Day 1: Travel day

Board your overnight flight to Cairo today.

Cairo2 nights

Day 2: Arrival in Cairo

Included meal: Dinner

Welcome to Egypt! This evening, enjoy an included dinner at your hotel on your own.

Day 3: Pyramids of Giza & the Grand Egyptian Museum
Included meals: Breakfast, Welcome dinner

Meet up with your Tour Director—a trained Egyptologist—and set off on a guided tour of Giza’s pyramid complex, located in Egypt’s third-largest city (and home to some of the world’s most enduring ancient monuments).

  • Come face to face with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only Wonder of the Ancient World to have survived into the modern era. Standing as tall as 480 feet (146 meters) when it was built, the structure continues to amaze with its size and the precision with which it was constructed.
  • Visit the enigmatic, 4,500-year-old Great Sphinx—the largest monolithic statue in the world, carved from a single limestone bedrock.
  • Transfer to Cairo and enter the Grand Egyptian Museum, said to be the world’s largest museum, and explore its vast collection of ancient artifacts alongside your Egyptologist.
  • Enjoy an included lunch at a local restaurant.

Please note: If the Grand Egyptian Museum is not yet open to the public, a visit to Saqqara & the Imhotep Museum will take its place.

Later, gather with your Tour Director and fellow group members at a mixer before enjoying a welcome dinner, served with beer or wine.

Aswan 1 night

Day 4: Flight to Aswan

Included meal: Breakfast

Fly to Aswan this morning and enjoy free time for the rest of the day (put your bargaining skills to the test at the Aswan Souk, perhaps?), or add an unforgettable experience aboard a felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailboat. You’ll float down the Nile before dusk, watching the sun slowly melt beneath the horizon and set the sky ablaze.

Aswan Sunset Felucca Ride & Dinner

From $89 per person

Nile River Cruise 3 nights
Day 5: Sightseeing tour of Aswan & cruise embarkation
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a free morning in Aswan—ask your Tour Director for a recommendation and partner up with one (or more!) of your fellow travelers to go exploring. For a unique adventure, join our optional day trip to Abu Simbel to visit the temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. Originally carved into a mountainside, they were painstakingly relocated to save them from being submerged by the damming of the Nile in the 1960s.

This afternoon, board your cruise ship and enjoy an included lunch, served with beer or wine, while basking in views of the Nile River. Afterward, set off on a sightseeing tour of Aswan led by your Egyptologist.

  • Board a boat and visit the island temples at Philae. Watch in awe as columns and imposing facades, emblazoned with hieroglyphics, rise from the water.
  • Walk through the colorful local market, where you’ll find perfumes, spices, traditional talismans, and souvenirs.

Sit down for an included dinner, served with beer or wine, aboard the ship this evening.

Please note: On some departures, the sightseeing tour of Aswan may take place on day 4.

Abu Simbel

From $389 per person

Day 6: Sightseeing tour of the Temple of Kom Ombo & Edfu
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Set sail for Edfu and Kom Ombo this morning and disembark your ship for guided tours of some of the best-preserved temples in Egypt.

  • Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo. Noted for its dedication to two deities, Sobek and Horus, it was initially constructed in the Ptolemaic period as two symmetrical temples aligned parallel to one another. They were expanded after the Roman conquest of Egypt, resulting in a single temple that marries Egyptian and Greco-Roman architectural styles.
  • Enjoy an included lunch aboard the ship as you cruise to Edfu.

Spend a free afternoon in Edfu or add a walk through the Temple of Horus, a classic example of Ptolemaic architecture with massive stone walls and towering pylons. It’s also one of the few temples in Egypt where inscriptions on its walls describe how it was built and used in ancient times.

Sit down for an included dinner aboard the ship this evening, served with beer or wine.

Edfu & the Temple of Horus

From $75 per person

Day 7: Sightseeing tour of Karnak & Luxor
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a morning walking tour through Luxor Temple, located on the banks of the Nile River. With your Egyptologist, you’ll see one of the world’s highest-quality collections of Egyptian artifacts, including a statue recovered from King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

  • Enter the painstakingly excavated Temple of Karnak. It’s said that 30 pharaohs presided over the building of the temple over the course of 1,500 years—a sprawling and vast ancient site. You’ll feel a palpable connection to the ancient world as you walk in the footsteps of priests and worshippers who came here over thousands of years.
  • Venture off on a walking tour through the complex to see the Precinct of Amun-Re, whose mudbrick walls stretch over more than 1.5 miles in circumference. Gaze over extensive hieroglyphic inscriptions marking moments in history, and end at the Temple of Khonsu—a smaller, more intimate structure dedicated to the god of time and the moon.
  • Walk through Luxor Temple, where an avenue of human-headed sphinxes creates a dramatic and awe-inspiring entrance. The temple unfolds with a series of striking architectural elements that include massive columns, colossal statues, and timeworn hieroglyphs.
  • View the 13th-century Abu Haggag Mosque early this evening. Built on the site of several churches that stood before it, the mosque is an active place of worship, continuing a spiritual tradition that has lasted for 35 centuries.

This evening, sit down with your fellow solo travelers for an included dinner aboard the ship, served with beer or wine.

Cairo 1 night

Day 8: West Bank, Valley of the Kings & flight to Cairo

Included meals: Breakfast, Farewell dinner

Spend the morning relaxing and catching up on sleep, or brave an early start for an optional—but certainly once-in-a-lifetime—hot-air-balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.

Later, head out to tour the Nile’s West Bank with your Egyptologist. Compared to the lush greenery of the East Bank, it’s rocky and barren—but its terrain holds countless secrets.

  • Explore the Valley of the Kings, a series of tombs nestled between rugged limestone mountains in the Theban Hills.
  • Enter the Tomb of Tutankhamun, famous for containing the ancient Egyptian treasures a ruler would need in the afterlife, such as clothing, food, chariots, games, and ceremonial items.

Disembark from your cruise this afternoon and fly to Cairo.

Celebrate your trip with your fellow travelers during tonight’s farewell dinner, served with beer or wine.

Nile River Hot Air Balloon Ride

From $169 per person

Flight Home
Day 9: Departure
Included meal: Breakfast (excluding early morning departures)

Transfer to the airport for your flight home. Or, extend your stay and answer the siren call of Alexandria, where echoes of the Great Library, once the hub of learning and wisdom, still resonate in the air. The temptation to uncover mysteries of the past waits around every turn.

Extension to Alexandria & Cairo

Extend your trip and travel to Egypt’s second-largest city, Alexandria. There, you’ll explore the Bibliotheca Alexandrina—the modern successor to the famous Library of Alexandria that was destroyed centuries ago. Then, return to the sights and sounds of Cairo’s busy streets to explore the medieval Islamic area of the city with your Tour Director.

Alexandria2 nights

Day 9: Transfer to Alexandria & sightseeing tour

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Get to know Alexandria and explore centuries-old ruins. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C., the city became a major center for Hellenistic culture. Expect a lush Mediterranean coastline, historical sites, and a thriving contemporary art scene in this cultural and educational hub.

  • Enter the waterside Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a major library and cultural center that pays homage to and recaptures the spirit of the bygone Great Library of Alexandria.
  • Drive along the Corniche—Alexandria’s scenic coastal promenade—to the 15th-century Citadel of Qaitbay, a fortress built on the former site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
  • Climb the towering limestone ramparts of the Citadel and take in panoramic views of the city and its boat-dotted harbor.

Day 10: Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa & Royal Jewelry Museum

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Spend the morning discovering what secrets lie beneath Alexandria before learning more about the Egyptian royal family.

  • Visit the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, an ancient necropolis that dates to the second century. You’ll be able to spot a unique blend of cultural influences: The carved burial chambers, tunnels, and shafts exhibit a fusion of Egyptian burial traditions (like the use of sarcophagi) and Hellenistic and Roman cultural motifs (like Doric columns and Corinthian capitals). The site was accidentally rediscovered in 1900 when a donkey fell into a concealed shaft, revealing the entrance to the underground chambers.
  • View the recently excavated Roman amphitheater at Kom el-Dikka, former home to theatrical performances and gladiator contests, and Pompey’s Pillar. The latter, a single block of red granite imported from Aswan, is an iconic symbol of Alexandria (but has no connection to the Roman general, Pompey the Great).
  • Head to the Royal Jewelry Museum, a grand former palace where pieces of the collection of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty are displayed, giving a fascinating glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the country’s former monarchy.
  • Explore the museum’s immense exhibits as you watch light dance across a dazzling collection of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, as well as ceremonial swords and other royal regalia.
  • Enjoy an included lunch at a local restaurant.

Cairo1 night

Day 11: Transfer to Cairo & sightseeing tour

Included meals: Breakfast, Farewell dinner

Travel back to Cairo this morning, then visit the Gayer-Anderson Museum. Set in a 17th-century structure that’s considered one of the most remarkable examples of Muslim domestic architecture in Cairo, it houses Egyptian art, furniture, and curios. Explore it all with your Tour Director.

Celebrate your trip with your fellow travelers during tonight’s farewell dinner, served with beer or wine.

Flight Home

Day 12: Departure

Included meal: Breakfast (excluding early morning departures)

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.



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