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Egypt in 13 Days- Full-Board Nile Cruise & Great Pyramids


Egypt in 13 Days, 11 Nights in Destination— LAND ONLY-

International flights available

  • Trip Highlights  -Aswan, Cairo, Esna,  Giza, Luxor, Nile River
  • Included – Accommodation, All transfers, Activities, Some meals


Pay a deposit of $200 per item
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Egypt in 13 Days, 11 Nights in Destination


Walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs on a fascinating city and cruise experience in Egypt. Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramids in Cairo and unearth the history behind the iconic Valley of the Kings. Spend an unforgettable 7 nights under the stars on a Full-Board Nile River Cruise and delight in the magical Temples of Luxor, the sights of Aswan, atmospheric Kom Ombo and eternal Edfu.

1st Day: US – Night on board

It’s time to unearth the secrets of Ancient Egypt and get to know the vibrant culture of Egypt’s most emblematic cities and sights. Arrive at your departure airport ready to check-in for a flight to Cairo *. Night on board.

If either your outbound or inbound flights depart in the early hours (before 4:00 a.m.) you must arrive at the airport the night before the indicated departure day.

2nd Day: Cairo

Touch down in Cairo and transfer to the hotel. Once you’ve settled in, the remainder of the day is free at your leisure to get to know the sights and sounds of Cairo, in the shadow of the Great Pyramids! Go shopping at the local souk or sample the national cuisine. Overnight stay in Cairo.

3rd Day: Cairo

Breakfast in the hotel. Visit the only remaining ancient Seven Wonders of the World Today. Head to the Giza plateau, home of the three Great Pyramids, built over 4,500 years ago and dedicated to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt! Explore the pyramids and learn about their fascinating history as you walk in the footsteps of the pharaohs. Afterwards, continue to the amazing Great Sphinx, the symbolic guardian of the pyramids. The afternoon is free at your leisure to explore Cairo at your own pace. We recommend an optional excursion to Memphis and the necropolis of Sakkara.* Overnight stay in Cairo.

Optional excursion to Memphis and Sakkara: Visit Memphis, once the place of residence of the Egyptian pharaohs. See the stepped pyramid, built by Imhotep and explore the complete funeral complex of Mastabas. Continue to Mit Rahina to visit the open-air museum and explore the necropolis of Sakkara.

Important: The order of the optional excursions may vary depending on your departure day.

4th Day: Cairo

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will learn about the roots of the Egyptian civilization and pharonic history during a visit to the legendary Egyptian Museum. In the afternoon, we recommend taking an optional excursion to the Saladin Citadel,* home to the breathtaking Alabaster Mosque. Overnight stay in Cairo.

* Optional Saladin Citadel excursion: Visit the Alabaster Mosque and medieval fortification of Saladin Citadel, perched atop a hill in central Cairo and dating back to the 12th-century. Learn about the importance of the site to Egypt’s Islamic heritage and walk through the Coptic Neighborhood.
Alternatively, for a full experience of Egypt, you can choose one of our optional excursion packages to add 3/4 optional excursions to your trip!
Important: The order of the optional excursions may vary depending on your departure day.

5th Day: Cairo – Luxor

Breakfast at the hotel. At the indicated time, transfer to the airport for a flight to Luxor*. On arrival, transfer to the port to board your Nile Cruise Boat, your home for the next seven nights on a full-board basis. Get settled in your cabin and enjoy lunch and the views of the river Nile. In the afternoon, visit the Temple of Karnak, a huge complex of ruined temples, columns and other buildings. On the way back to the ship, stop at the impressive Temple of Luxor, dedicated to Amun-Ra, Mut and Khonu and built by Amenophis III and Ramses II. Back on the ship, enjoy the remainder of the evening at your leisure.We recommend an optional Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show.** Dinner and overnight on board.

The order of the excursions and visits may vary, depending on the schedule of the internal flights, traffic and other logistical reasons. The planned visits will be carried out in any case.

**Optional Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show: Visit the largest open-air museum in Egypt, the Karnak Temple in Luxor. Discover the secrets behind the temple’s ancient name, Thebes, and explore its significant monuments.  As you wander through the ruins of this once great complex, you will be guided by the voices of the pharaohs who built this site to honor their god Amon. Watch as the temples and statues come to life with the clever use of special effects , relive the times of the ancient pharaohs with their customs and rituals as they recount the dramatic history of ancient Thebes.

6th Day: Luxor – Esna

Full-board on board. Begin the day with a visit to the legendary Valley of the Kings, the burial site of the Pharaohs between the 18th and 20th Egyptian dynasties and the famous site of the tomb of Tutankhamun. After exploring the valley, head to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, set on large terraces beneath the cliffs at Deir el-Bahari. Continue to the Colossi of Memnon, two imposing stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IIIIn the afternoon the cruise will set sail towards Esna where you will cross the famous Esna Lock that allows the boat to sail up the Nile towards the Nile cataracts rapids. Overnight on board.

Please note: The excursion to the Valley of the Kings includes visits to three tombs. Entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun is not included but, if you are interested in visiting, you can buy a ticket to see this tomb at the site during your visit.

7th Day: Esna

Full-board on board. Sit back and relax as you enjoy a day at your leisure. Watch the scenery float by and soak up the amazing panorama from the cruise boat as you drift along the Nile. The Nile provides life, water and works for over 80% of the population making for fascinating scenes as you travel along. Gain a real insight into the life of everyday Egyptians and take advantage of the sundeck to haggle with the local vendors who float alongside the cruise boat in their rowing boats, trying to sell their wares. Overnight on board.

8th Day: Esna – Aswan

Full-board on board. Today, enjoy a tour of Aswan to uncover the sights of this fascinating city. Explore the famous granite quarry, where the building blocks of many of ancient Egypt’s monuments were produced. Next, board a traditional felucca, a typical fishing boat, to sail around the Nile cataracts, admiring the stunning scenery and natural islands in the narrowest parts of the river. Afterwards, return to the ship and enjoy the afternoon at your leisure. We recommend exploring the souks of Aswan or relaxing in a local cafe with a traditional water pipe. Overnight on board.

9th Day: Aswan

Full-board on board. This morning, we recommend an optional visit to the amazing temples of Abu Simbel.* Today, it’s time to discover the impressive High Dam of Aswan,  the world’s largest embankment dam, which was built during the 1960s. This mighty Dam is so important because it helps to controls flooding, generates power, and improves navigation across the Nile. The rest of the day is free at your leisure to relax and enjoy the Nile scenery at your own pace. Overnight on board.

Optional Excursion to Abu Simbel: Visit these amazing temples, carved on the western cliff of the desert by Ramses II in the Xl century BC. See the iconic 20-metre high statues, dedicated to the god Amon Ra, and the Temple of Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

* Optional excursion to the Island of Philae: Discover the historic island of Philae, in the reservoir of the Old Aswan Dam. It is home to the ancient ruins of the Temple of Isis and offers a fascinating insight into life and beliefs in Ancient Egypt.

Please note: If you take the optional excursion to Abu Simbel, you will depart from the ship at approximately 3 a.m. to make the most of the coolest and quietest part of the day. This way, you can fully experience Abu Simbel without the crowds and avoid sightseeing in high temperatures.

Alternatively, for a full experience of Egypt, you can choose one of our optional excursion packages to add 3/4 optional excursions to your trip!

Important: The order of the optional excursions may vary depending on your departure day.

10th Day: Aswan – Kom Ombo

Full-board on board. Set off for Kom Ombo, arriving in the late afternoon. Upon arrival explore the twin Temples of Haroeris and Sobek and see the amazing Nilometer, used to measure the rising and falling levels of the Nile, an important source of life in Egypt. Overnight on board.

Alternatively, for a full experience of Egypt, you can choose one of our optional excursion packages to add 3/4 optional excursions to your trip!

Important: The order of the optional excursions may vary depending on your departure day.

11th Day: Kom Ombo – Luxor

 Full-board on board. Disembark the ship and take a horse-drawn carriage ride to the magnificent Temple of Edfu, dedicated to the famous, falcon-headed Egyptian god, Horus. Considered to be one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt it is said that the temple was built upon the battleground of a mythical fight between the gods Seth and Horus. Explore the atmospheric temple ruins as you trace the footsteps of the Pharaohs. Return to the ship and continue sailing north to Luxor. Overnight on board.

12th Day: Luxor – Cairo

Breakfast on board. At the indicated time, disembark the ship and transfer to Luxor airport for a short flight back to the capital of Cairo. Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon free to enjoy a wander around the bazaar to pick up some last-minute souvenirs, indulge in delicious Egyptian cuisine or simply relax at your own pace. We recommend rounding it off with an evening tour of Cairo with dinner and a show*Overnight stay in Cairo.

*Optional Cairo by Night: we take a walk around the most beautiful corners of Cairo (Tahrir Square, Zamalek, Cairo Tower and the Opera House) before heading to the restaurant where we will enjoy a delicious dinner with an Egyptian show. We will finish the evening with a visit to the famous Mirror Café.

13th Day: Cairo – US

Breakfast at the hotel.* At the indicated time, transfer to the airport for a flight back to the US. Arrive in the US and end your trip.**

* Depending on the return flight schedule and the hotel breakfast service, you may not be able to enjoy the included breakfast on the last day.

** Depending on the choice of flight, you may arrive back in the US the following day.

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